We have invested heavily in plant and machinery in the last few years.


One of our major investments has been a Lindemann Bigro Baler Press. This is capable of baling 24 tonnes per hour.


Hook loader

The modern fleet of recycling vehicles includes top of the range Scania, DAF and Volvo lorries, with a vast array of trailers including Moffet Mounty trailers.

Willibald Shredder

We have an industrial Willibald shredder, which is used for shredding oversize cardboard rolls and confidential waste. It contains a magnet to remove all metal from waste. In the future (pending permission) we hope to shred scrap timber which can be used for a variety of purposes including fuel, animal bedding and for gardening purposes. We also have an on site maintenance shop for all repairs and fittings.

Did you know? Recycling Fact

Most families throw away 60kg of plastic per year, industry much more which could all be recycled.