About Us

Our management team is made up of four key family members.

Gerald McAtee

Gerald McAtee- Managing Director and Founder of McAtee Recycling Ltd.
Telephone 028 38831816 Email info@mcateerecycling.com

Tony McAtee

Tony McAtee - Transport and Communications Manager
Telephone 07747783077 Email tony.mcatee@mcateerecycling.com

Johnny McAtee

Johnny McAtee - Sales and Marketing Manager
Telephone 07786915898 Email info@mcateerecycling.com

Jaqueline McKeown

Jacqueline McKeown - Administration and HR Manager
Telephone 07825140404Email jackie.mckeown@mcateerecycling.com

We strive to provide an efficient and reasonably priced service to all our customers. Our office staff have been trained in customer service and also aim to give our customers a professional efficient and courteous service. We cater for all kinds of businesses from the large multinationals to the small individual shop and from both commercial and industrial premises.

It has been our experience that a lot of waste management companies in Northern Ireland are allegedly recycling waste whilst diverting most to landfill.

This is against our environmental policy. Landfill is always our last resort.

Did you know? Recycling fact

70% less energy is required to recycle paper compared with making it from raw materials.