Bottom YardMcAtee Recycling Ltd offers a full range of waste management and recycling services throughout the North of Ireland an in some counties of the Republic of Ireland for which we hold Waste Collection Permits.

The services we provide include:

  • Collection of all grades of paper and cardboard. This can be collected loose, baled or palletised.
  • For large amounts of cardboard we can organise the supply of balers, compactors and roll-on, roll off skips.
  • Balers can be supplied to bale between 50kg to 500kg according to our customers needs
  • We can recycle all cardboard cores (reel ends) of any size. We recognised a need for this service and found we are one of the very few companies to offer this.
  • Plastic packaging recycling including shrink wrap etc.
  • Confidential waste collected and shredded from a wide variety of sources e.g. solicitors, banks, government buildings and general office premises. We offer a wide range of office waste management solutions including paper, cans and plastic bottles.
  • Scrap pallets and timber such as damaged pallets or off cuts from furniture manufacturers etc.
  • Metals including aluminium, copper, tin etc.

All of the above can be collected together or separately according to each clients needs. This makes McAtee Recycling Ltd a one-stop shop for all your recycling needs.

Purpose Built Waste Containers

CageThe purpose built waste container shown on right has set us apart from our competitors by being large enough to cope with the waste produced, but small enough to be placed in the waste stream area. We believe it's easier and more practical to bring the container to the waste thus saving you, the customer, both time and money. These containers are collected on an "as and when basis" and each site receives a monthly breakdown of all materials collected. This includes "Duty of Care - Waste Transfer Notes.

We are registered and licensed waste carriers and we hold two Exemptions From Waste Management Certificates. There are ongoing plans to bring this up to full waste transfer license. McAtee Recycling Ltd is Repak registered and provide all duty of care documentation e.g. Waste Transfer Notes.

We also assist all customers in their environmental audits with detailed breakdowns of waste collected by us upon request.

All certificates are available on request.